13th EASTERN-HUNGARY CUP – Competition Invitation – Miskolc, HUNGARY

Dear Skaters, Coaches, and Skating Friends,

Havasszépe Figure Skating Club is pleased to invite you to the participate on the 13th EASTERN-HUNGARY CUP  International Senior, Junior, Novice, Youngsters, Recreational and Adult  Skating Competition, which will take place from

16-18 of November 2018 in the ice rink of MISKOLC, HUNGARY.

Enclosed you’ll find our complete announcement with all information.

The deadline for entries: 22 October 2018.


Our competition categories are:

Senior, Junior, Advanced Novice, Intermediate, and Basic Novice; Cubs; Chicks


Recreational, Adult, and Adult Artistic Single Free Skating


We’re looking forward to welcome you and wish you a lot of success in the competition! 

Please send your entries until 22 november 2018  to our e-mail:havasszepe09@gmail.com.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Kind regards


Havasszépe Figure Skating Club

Miskolc, Hungary


+36 70 202 23 58


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